• Precious metals recycling and recovery – scrap and waste processed
  • Site based advisory services – assisting our customers identifying, classifying and preparing their waste and scrap materials for recycling.
  • Fully insured and Free collection Service.
  • Materials processing – hydrometallurgical, pyrometallurgical, and melting processes to the most modern standards.  Our incineration plant in Buxton has recently been upgraded to one of the most modern and efficient in Europe, increasing customer returns.
  • Materials handling – responding to customers’ individual needs, we supply containers for your waste materials and handle any size of consignment whether it be 100 tons of telecommunication scrap, or a few kilos of redundant electronic components.
  • Environmental support – for the correct processing of many hazardous but valuable materials. For example, wastes from plating lines such as drag out and plating solutions, and all associated liquid and solid residues.
  • Recovery cell systems – a proprietary system for scavenging rinse and wash water from plating and chemical operations.  These cells recover high value metals such as good, platinum and palladium in very low concentrations (ppm’s), which would otherwise have been lost to drain.